SiCify is a newly started up company that will initially focus on services around SiC and drivers for modules populated with SiC dies. 

During the start-up we will seek relationships with industry to see the posibility of SiC in their products and what problems they face when introducing SiC into their products. And toghter we should try to attract money for product development. 

SiCify will focus on:

The services will be developed by SiCify and will help
  • Converter manufacturers to change from Si transistors to SiC device.
  • End users, by making prototypes and explaining the benefit.
  • Die/transistor/module producers, by helping them to either find customers or help them show the potential of their device.
  • Solutions for handling EMI/EMC.
Products that SiCify will sell 
  • Drivers for SiC switches (MOSFET,BJT,JFET)
  • Integrated driver with die. (A full switch position)
  • Converter prototypes